How does this Counselling Fund Work?

Most mental health support services are totally overwhelmed just now and many people are unable to afford the cost of private counselling just now. So Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland is now funding a Youth Crisis Counselling Service that will pay for immediate free access to a local qualified psychologist or counsellor by GP referral.

How does the process work?

  1. You, a family member or a friend are in crisis, strugggling with mental health issues or considering self-harm or suicide
  2. Seek immediate help from your GP
  3. If your GP feels that immediate access to crisis counselling would assist they can refer you to a qualified counsellor or psychologist.
  4. If you are unable to afford private counselling YSPI will fund the first TWO sessions up to a value of €60 per session on confirmation of referral by your GP.
  5. Once you have booked your appointment we will contact your counsellor to arrange payment.
  6. We suggest that this service only be used as crisis support while waiting for a CAMHS or other longer term mental health service appoitment.


  • YSPI cannot select, provide or recommend a counsellor for you.  You must arrange this yourself through your GP.
  • This is a youth crisis programme so the person receiving counselling must be under 20 years of age to qualify for this fund.
  • We can only fund a maximum of TWO crisis counselling sessions up to €120 in total. If you require additional counselling sessions you must fund them yourself.