GP Information

Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland has established a treatment fund to cover the costs of private counselling for those most at risk of self-harm or suicide should this be an option as part of a crisis treatment plan referred by their General Practitioner.

We will provide funding of up to €120 per patient to cover the cost of two crisis counselling sessions with a counselling practitioner registered with either the IACP, APCP or IAHIP. 

We will only fund crisis counselling support for patients under 20 years of age through this programme.  The patient should be referred to the counselling practitioner by the GP or by the patient choosing an appropriate practitioner from the IACP, APCP or IAHIP registers.  Once the patient has booked their appointment we will contact their chosen practitioner to arrange payment.

We would suggest that this crisis counselling fund be regarded as a crisis intervention and could be used to support a patient while they are waiting for access to other mental health services such as CAHMS.

We cannot suggest, recommend or choose a counselling practitioner for your patient.  Our role is to fund this treatment programme and pay for the counselling sessions.  We may require an email from the GP to confirm that a referral has been made. We do not require any patient confidential information.